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Programming Microcontroller Embedded Flash POD vs. Tester Resources

This block diagram shows an In-Circuit Tester with a fixture that is connecting directly to the Unit Under Test. The fixture has no unnecessary hardware.

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This block diagram shows a programming POD and FrameScan hardware installed. The POD is used for In-System programming and the FrameScan is used for a pseudo pin-test because the test engineer did not have the library model to do vector based test. The relays are added to isolate the programming POD from the Unit Under Test and keep stray voltages off of the UUT during shorts test and un-powered analog tests.

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The mission of Uwharrie Test Solutions is to program all Microcontroller Embedded Flash using the resources of the Teradyne or GR228X. This is not always practical. In some rare cases it still makes sense to use a programming POD. The device type may be so rare that no part of the model could be re-purposed. The device may use an interface that the Test Station cannot replicate. The volume may be so low that the savings cannot justify the cost of development. Sometimes the device manufacturer refuses to publish the technical details to do the job.