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Where is the BSDL file for that MSP430XXX?

You have an MSP430 you want to test on your GR228X or TestStation. You want to generate a BasicScan test for it. So now you are looking for the BSDL file. The BSDL is not available, but you are in the right place.

Agilent 307X users, I just wrote a converter that will output this library model in VCL format.  Do you want to displace the cost of doing Test Jet?

The MSP430XXX microcontroller has JTAG but no Boundary Scan capability. Before you put a FrameScan Probe in your fixture, please see me.

I will provide a DTS for any MSP430, any series (1xx,2xx,3xx,4xx,5xx,6xx). This will do the same pin test and diagnostics as Basic Scan. The model will generate a test for any pin configuration that has probe access to the JTAG and RESET.

I will charge you less than the price of the FrameScan hardware.

Cost Comparison FrameScantm vs MSP430Scan

RFQ for a DTS to test MSP430

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