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What Does Your TestStation Cost You?

  • You purchase your TestStation and incur its depreciation.
  • You provide the necessary floor space in your production facility.
  • You pay for the electricity to power it.
  • You pay for facility services such as compressed air and vacuum.
  • You hire an operator and pay him or her an hourly wage to run it.
  • You hire a test engineer and pay him or her a salary to program it.
  • You probably have a service contract with Teradyne and you pay them an annual fee to maintain it.
  • You might have a contract with the Software Support Program.

It all adds up, and it adds up fast. Every hour of production is likely costing you about $60, or about $0.017 per second.

How you utilize this machine can be a factor that will make or break you.

If you do just Industry Standard In-Circuit test you will pay your tester.

If you develop the best test possible with value added to your product your tester pays you.

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