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Using a Programming POD

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Debug Advice for Vector Based ICT

Never Buy a TSLH Without the CST!

Advantage of Flash Programming at ICT

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Do you have a FlashRunner in a Teradyne or GenRad Fixture?

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Ignore the Keysight Case Study

SPI Flash on GR228X and TestStation

About Uwharrie Test Solutions

I represent an Electronics Test Development Service located in Central North Carolina. My core business is device level test development and flash programming solutions to other test consultants and DiY Test Engineers.

Supported Systems

  • Teradyne TestStation LH/LX
  • GenRad GR228X


  • Test Process Consolidation
  • Custom test model development for complex Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal ICs. DTS, HTS
  • Contract test at my facility. My lab has EST protection suitable for most production test.
  • Custom High Speed Factory Flash Programming Solutions for your GR228X or TestStation that will out-run a fixture-installed programmer. Programmable Devices include Parallel Flash, Serial Flash, NAND Flash, Microcontroller Embedded Flash, FPGAs, EEPROMS.
  • Electrical Design for Testability (DFT) advice.
  • Chip level verification and correction of BSDL files. Reverse Engineering of undocumented Boundary-Scan chains.
  • Specialized Functional Tests. Firmware that runs interactively with your In-Circuit Tester. Supported Processors: A166, X86, PIC Micro, Atmel AVR.
  • ICT line down? I am Two Hours and 30 Minutes from any manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

Target Clients

  • Test Consulting Companies, CMs or OEMs who develop their own In-Circuit Test programs that want to outsource their library development work.
  • Anyone about to install Opens Xpresstm, FrameScantm, FlashRunnertm or a Programming POD in their ICT fixture. Anyone about to set-up a dedicated flash programming station on their production line. Please talk to me first.
  • You just bought a Teradyne TestStation with high-end digital capability. Devices that you need to test are not in the library. You are about to use your TestStation at a fraction of its capability. Request a new device model.
  • Your vector based ICT is failing? This web site offers free advice.


  • 31 years of experience developing custom IC tests for Teradyne TestStation, GR228X and GR227X. Aspen Test (8 years), Maxtor (12 years), NBI (8 years), Uwharrie Test (2 years)

Equipment Available for Development

Other Resources

  • Many existing models to make-from
  • A fixture supplier and other consultants ready to assist





Equipment Available for Development

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Teradyne TestStation TS124LH

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Modeling Fixture

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Socket Adapters

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Panel Solution to match your Fixture