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FrameScan and Opens Xpress

FrameScan is now the industry standard for vectorless test on a Teradyne TestStation. It is superior to Opens Xpress because the receiver signal is amplified at the probe which results in a more reliable test.

This vectorless test technology can be a good way to pick up the coverage of the few pins that vector based tests cannot capture. It is a good complement to vector based test. It is an excellent testing tool when put to use in the appropriate places.

Unfortunately there is a downside to FrameScan or other vector-less techniques. With its ease of use, vector-less test has become the first resort, without regard for fixture cost, complexity, reliability and maintainence.

Most microcontrollers can be pin-tested with Boundary Scan or by reading GPIO pin H/L state through the flash programming port. Other microcontrollers can be tested with a firmware driven pin-test. Sometimes a junctions test is all that is needed to test for lifted pins.


Before you have FrameScan installed in your next fixture, check with Uwharrie Test Solutions to see if a vector test can be developed for a comparable price.

  • FrameScan does not functionally test any device pin.
  • FrameScan does not ID a device.
  • In many cases FrameScan will not detect an incorrect or counterfeit part.
  • FrameScan does not detect bus failures.
  • FrameScan does not and should not replace vector based test.
  • FrameScan adds a premium to the cost and complexity of your fixture.