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Advantage of Flash Programming at ICT

Combination of Test and ISP

When programming flash at ICT the programmable devices are tested as well as programmed, and in most cases the failures are diagnosed down to the pin level. An off-line station only produces a go-no-go message. With pre-programmed parts there is no guarantee that the device was correctly installed.


In many cases programming at ICT is actually faster because the parts are programmed directly. You are never at the mercy of an inefficient download utility. Multiple like-kind devices can be programmed concurrently.

It Simplifies Your Inventory

If you have many different programs for a single raw part, and you have your devices pre-programmed, you have to stock a different device type for each program. If you program at ICT, you simply stock the one raw part.


ICT programs your part and verifies it. If you pre-program your parts there is not much to assure that the correct program was installed on the correct board.

Process Consolidation

Get out your calculator and figure out how much money will be saved when you totally eliminate one station in your test process.