Uwharrie Test Solutions


At this time I can handle this list of packages. Anything I don't have can be ordered and wired up .

Package                      Pitch                    Notes

DIP-48 100mil 650mil wide
DIP-64 100mil 1.0 wide
PGA 15x15 ZIF 100mil Any thru-hole DIP up to 30 pins
PLCC 50mil All pin counts
PQFP-100 .65mm
PQFP-80 .80mm
QFP-100 .50mm
QFP-128 .40mm
QFP-132 .65mm
QFP-144 .65mm
QFP-144 .50mm
QFP-160 .65mm
QFP-176 .50mm
QFP-208 .50mm
QFP-44 .80mm
QFP-48 .50mm
QFP-64 .50mm
QFP-80 .65mm
QFP-80 .50mm
SOIC-28 50mil 450mil wide
SOIC-8 50mil 300mil wide
SOP-54 .80mm
TSOP-48 .50mm
TSOP-56 .50mm
TSSOP-40 .65mm
SSOP-56 .8mm
FBGA63 .8mm
EBGA64 .8mm
QFN-20 with EPAD .5mm
QFN24 .5mm
QFN28 .5mm
QFN32 .5mm
QFN40 .5mm
QFN48 .5mm
QFN64 with EPAD .5mm
SSOP-28 .65mm 209 mil body

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My fixture base with the TSOP sockets

Fixture1.JPG (72444 bytes)

Some of my socket adapters

Fixture2.JPG (107398 bytes)