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Never buy a TSLH without the CST option!

I'm not sure if there is business plan to phase this out. The Clock, Sync and Trigger functionality that has been around for decades is now a high priced licensed option on the TSLH, even though the capable hardware is available on every machine.

This page is not intended to question the business practice of pricing and licensing this option.

I am here to warn the next person who buys a TSLH. If you expect to do any meaningful vector based test, don't let your sales rep convince you that you don't need this option. You will be sorry later!

If you don't have the CST license, when you need to inject or sync to a free-running clock, (up to 20Mhz) or you need to do any triggered handshaking, you will then discover you are less capable then you were 25 years ago.

About 1/4 of the vector based test and ISP models that I develop require this capability.

Don't be unpleasantly surprised later. Also, beware of your next system software upgrade. Ask to be sure this upgrade does not take this capability away from you.


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