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FrameScan and Opens Xpress

FrameScan is now the industry standard for vectorless test on a Teradyne TestStation. It is superior to Opens Xpress because the receiver signal is amplified at the probe which results in a more reliable test.

This vectorless test technology can be a good way to pick up the coverage of the few pins that vector based tests cannot capture. It is a good complement to vector based test. It is an excellent testing tool when put to use in the appropriate places.

Unfortunately for the test industry, this technology has become the lazy man's test technique. It is errantly put to use as first resort, because a DUT is not in a library, and the test engineer does not  have the expertise or the time to develop a vector test. As a result, many high-end testers are put to use at a fraction of their capability, serving as expensive MDAs. The owners of these machines could have served this purpose with inferior testers for a fraction of the cost.

I have seen test sets with FrameScan probes on devices as simple as a common SRAM!

Test fixtures are often ordered without regard to the added cost and complexity of FrameScan. Teradyne lists the Framescan FX 2.0 Kit at $540 USD, then another $300 for a set of 10 probes. This does not include the extra cost that your fixture finishing house will charge you to install it.


Before you have FrameScan installed in your next fixture, check with Uwharrie Test Solutions to see if a vector test can be developed for a comparable price.

  • FrameScan does not functionally test any device pin.
  • FrameScan does not ID a device.
  • In many cases FrameScan will not detect an incorrect or counterfeit part.
  • FrameScan does not detect bus failures.
  • FrameScan does not and should not replace vector based test.
  • FrameScan adds a premium to the cost and complexity of your fixture.

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